Them’s Good Eats!


Funkopedia: i ended up having a 30 minute conversation about bats and squirrels
Funkopedia: with my landlady
Bunny Ecstasy: It definitely hasn’t been anywhere close to 30 minutes though
Joey Michaels: That sounds like a worthwhile conversation at least.
Funkopedia: about eating them!
Joey Michaels: You can have my spot in a bit. I’m only around for one more song.
Joey Michaels: …
Joey Michaels: Are thems good eatin?
Funkopedia: she says she’s gonna try to catch a raccoon
Joey Michaels: I’ve heard racoon is rather tasty, actually.
Joey Michaels: This is a good track to discuss eating wild animals
Funkopedia: “that’s what she said”
Funkopedia: hahahaha
Icarus The Ranger: raccoon is butch league, opossums are where its at
Funkopedia: “butch” league eh?
Joey Michaels: I guess that depends on if you’d use the word “butch” to describe your landlady
1-up: only when she rides her harley

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