Our New Home

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Hey all, it’s been a while since we’ve talked so we figured it’s about time to get everyone who’s maybe not on Facebook updated on what’s been going on since the demise of plug.dj. Basically we made a new service! Well maybe not just us, but Holly’s coder foodbandlt, chadtz, and a few other CTS mods were invited by a few ex plug.dj BAs to help with a new project called musiqpad. Musiqpad is an open-sourced self-hosted service built from the ground up by fellow social music enthusiasts. Why did we choose musiqpad? Well for starters, we quickly realized that Dubtrack.fm was not going to be an option due to the nature of our game. Secondly, many of us went through the heartbreak of Turntable.fm folding and did not want to have to rely on the whims of another site.

What musiqpad gives us is a permanent home. We own the server and the we control it. This is the last move any of us will have to make if we want to connect! Musiqpad is still in alpha stage now, but it’s stable and it works. Holly has not yet been re-activated, but we’ve been using a small script to track connects.

So that’s what’s been happening! Please drop by and come see us and if you like musiqpad’s service, tell your friends!


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