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How do you “connect the songs”? Simple! When you play a song, any four consecutive letters in the artist/title of your song must match four consecutive letters in the artist/title of the song that was played before you.

For example, if the DJ before you plays:

“Rob Zombie – Living Dead Girl”

You could play:

“Otis Redding – I’ve Been Loving You Too Long”

“Irving Berlin – Blue Skies”

“Marvin Gaye – Distant Lover”

The “connect” is the letters VING.

(You could alternatively connect with GIRLDEADBZOM, etc.!)

Click here for some more examples.


  1. Your song must connect to the previous song. See above for explanation and examples.
  2. Music only (usually). Any genre is OK.
  3. If you fail to connect a song, please check that the next DJ is ready and then skip your song.
  4. Do not artificially manipulate the streak (e.g., by playing the same artist again and again).
  5. Don’t “meh” songs. “Woot”ing is optional.
  6. Please try to keep songs under 7:00. If your song is shorter than 2:30, it’s polite to warn the next DJ so they have time to find a connect.
  7. SONGS SHOULD BE LABELED “Artist – Title” AND NOTHING ELSE. See the FAQ (“Song Titles” section) below for more information on how/why.
  8. To join the DJ waitlist, type .eleven in the chat box. If new DJs ask for this command, tell them they can find it here, in the rules, by typing .rules. This way people will read these before DJing.
  9. Please speak English in the chat.
  10. Be nice. Be respectful. Listen to the mods. We are an inclusive and diverse community. Hate speech, prejudice, and generally assholery are not welcome here.
  11. Repeated refusal to follow the rules may result in a ban at the discretion of the mods.



Q: Can I connect letters in an artist name to letters in a song title (and vice versa)?
A: Yes. See the examples.

Q: Do the connecting letters have to form a real/whole word?
A: No.

Q: Are symbols (. / – etc.) counted in the connect?
A: No, you can ignore them. If you want to see what Holly counts in the song that’s playing, type .title

Q: What about accents and diacritics? Is “ž” the same as “z”?
A: This one is tricky. Sometimes yes, sometimes no. Again, use the command .title if you want to see which letters Holly understands.

Q: Can I connect things like “(remix)” and “(live)”? What about the same artist?
A: It is discouraged.

Song Titles

Q: How can I edit my song title to follow rule 7? (Songs should be labeled “Artist – Title” and nothing else)
A: Go to your playlist and click the pencil icon next to the song.

Q: What extra information is allowed in a song title?
A: If it’s a special version of the song, such as [demo], [live], or [acoustic], you may include this info. Connecting to these words is discouraged.

Q: What extra information is not allowed in a song title?
A: The YouTube uploader, “official video,” “lyrics,” “[HD],” “Madonna cover,” and basically anything else.

Q: How should songs from soundtracks/orchestras be labeled?
A: “Composer – Song” or “Performer – Song” are acceptable. “Movie/Game – Song” is not. For example, “John Williams – Star Wars Main Theme” or “London Symphony Orchestra – Star Wars Main Theme” are OK. “Star Wars – Star Wars Main Theme” is not OK.

Q: Why do you care about this?
A: It’s better for a word-based game. It’s better for Holly’s scrobbler. It looks cleaner and nicer for everyone.

Playing Our Game Right

Q: Why can’t I “meh”?
A: We allow any genre. Also, if enough people “meh,” then Plug automatically skips the song, which can be bad for the next DJ.

Q: What is a “streak”?
A: It’s how many times we’ve successfully connected in a row. To see your personal streak, type .mystreak. To see the room streak, type .streak. To see the all-time room high score, type .highscore.

Q: What is a “dunce”?
A: The last person who broke the streak. We’ve all been there. You can see who the dunce is by typing .dunce.

Q: I messed up/my computer crashed/Plug glitched. Can you reset my streak?
A: No, sorry.


Q: Who/what is Holly Refbots?
A: Our score-keeping, trash-talking bot, helpfully coded and maintained by @foodbandit. You can see her commands here or by typing .commands in the chat.

Q: What should I do if Holly isn’t working?
A: Notify a mod or post in the Facebook group.

Q: How can I suggest changes to Holly?
A: Please speak with a mod or leave a comment here.


Q: I have a question or problem that isn’t addressed here. What do?
A: Feel free to ask a mod or another member of the community. If you have a complaint, submit it here and we’ll do our best to address it.


  • Any genre is OK, but remember, is a social experience. Try to play music you think the other DJs might enjoy!
  • .escortme is a great command that will auto-remove you after your next song, or after your current song if you’re DJing, and alert the other DJs. See other commands here.
  • ★ our room (at the top of the page) so you can find it later.
  • Join our Facebook page.
  • Follow Holly on
  • Use the PDX script to easily search your playlists.
  • We recommend the RCS extension to add many features to Plug, including the option to @ you before your song to help you pay attention to the game.

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