Timothy :-) R.I.P.

badtzninja: mornin all!
Tom Robinson2: hey
badtzninja: hi josie
Jammin Josie: hey ya ninja!
badtzninja: 5k, congrats!
Jammin Josie: holly’s being a bitch
badtzninja: oh yeah?
Jammin Josie: thank you – 1/2 way to being a space cadet
badtzninja: i’m sure you’ve seen it’s not the accomplishment it used to be. damn space persons are all over the place nowadays!
badtzninja: hey eug, dubb, tom
Huge Eug: howdy
Needacrane: hi
Jammin Josie: right – hopefully we’ll get chocolate bunnies and chicks for easter
Tom Robinson2: sup
J_Dubb: hey there chad
badtzninja: shhhh!
badtzninja: don’t give my real name!
badtzninja: it takes away from my chi!
Tom Robinson2: lol
badtzninja: can i make a brief eulogy for Timothy:-)?
Rodin started playing “I Can Change” by LCD Soundsystem
J_Dubb: lol
badtzninja: TT did a shakedown this am and cleared out all the AKFs. RIP Timothy:-)
J_Dubb: haha, what?
Tom Robinson2: ah damn! timothy was here for what, almost three weeks!
BeatTourist: I hate ghosts
badtzninja: i think he holds the record for lurking
badtzninja: TT cleared their servers out this morning from 7-7:30
Tom Robinson2: i wanted to boot him so bad, but then i decided to see how long he’d stay. lol
Needacrane: it feels like days since I’ve played a song. LOL!!
badtzninja: Dear friends, we are gathered here to pay our last respects to Timothy:-) He was good man, a loyal CTS lurker. He was a rock. Whenever I was sad or blue, I just looked at him over there in the corner and drew comfort from his strength. He will be missed. ROCK ON TIMOTHY:-)  !!!!
BeatTourist: it’s like when bob dies in fight club
Jammin Josie started playing “Don’t Change” by INXS
badtzninja: or like when we all found out Sasquatch on the Six Million Dollar Man was a robot
Tom Robinson2: ah yeah, great episode
Jammin Josie: LOL
badtzninja: a lifechanging event, that was
Needacrane started playing “People Change” by Lowe, Nick
Needacrane: COME ON 1000!!!!

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