Damn We’re Popular

Howdy everyone! We here at Connect Headquarters have been struggling with a dilemma. We are a damn popular room! I know you say, “Hey that’s great!” and it is. But this also means a DJ queue that is regularly 8-9 deep. This is not good for our ADD afflicted members. So, to make sure everyone has a great time, we are going to try out a “play 2 and down” system. We hope this will ensure everyone gets to spin and that the wait will be tolerable. Please be patient with us as we bask in the glory of our awesomeness–I mean try to find an equitable solution for everyone.


The Staff

One thought on “Damn We’re Popular

  • The system is nice, although it would be nicer still if the number of songs could vary depending on how many are in the queue. When there’s only one or two in queue, three or four songs doesn’t seem too much…

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