Old Rules

Keeping this just in case we need it in the future…


To play, make connections by matching a word from the previous song title or artist name. There are a few caveats here. Don’t feel like reading? Check out CTS For Dummies. We also have a FAQ page. Look here for Holly Robots Commands All DJs must bop or otherwise show signs of life! If you do not respond to pings, expect to be removed. We all make the effort to play great songs that connect, the least you can do is pay attention!

  • You MAY use part of a word, so long as it’s 4 characters. e.g. The previous song had “Handlebars”. You can link with “Hand”, “Handle”, “Bars”…as long as it’s 4 characters. You can take it from any part of a word. It doesn’t have to be the beginning, or the end. It can be right in the middle!
  • The 4 letters used do NOT have to be an actual word. Not to confuse matters, but this is not to say any word you connect must be 4 letters long! If you match a word exactly, then 2 or 3 letters is fine! Possessive determiners/pronouns are fine. “My” “Your” “His”…so on and so forth. To elaborate further on this rule (due to many people being confused) you CANNOT use the word “Run” to connect to “Running” as it is not an exact match.
  • You may use the 4 letter rule between two words. For example if the previous song included the words “At Last”, you can connect to a song with the word “Atlas” – This is fine so long as the connection is 4+ characters.
  • You MAY use slight variations of words to connect songs. e.g. Billy instead of Billie. Woman instead of women.
  • You may NOT combine the previous two rules. If you use part of a word it must match exactly.
  • You may NOT use articles such as “the”, “a”, “an”. If you do this, expect to be lamed!
  • You may NOT use words like “Remix”, “Live”, “Featuring/Feat.”  Ok, we get a lot of questions about this one. Look here for examples of this rule. The word Featuring/Feat cannot be used, but the additional artist(s) that are featured can be used. Any other word that isn’t part of an actual song title is not legit, it doesn’t matter that this information is included in the Title field for the song in your iTunes library. We give somewhere in the realm of zero fucks about that.
  • If you’re not sure if you’re in compliance then give it a shot, and I’m sure one of us smartasses will let you know if you made a terrible decision!
  • If you go AFK and don’t match a song, you will be booted if there is a DJ Queue at the time!
  • You MAY connect numbers to words. e.g. 4 to Four, Three to 3, Twenty to 22….you get the idea.
  • If all else fails you MAY use the same artist as the previous DJ. People may lame you for resorting to this measure!
  • “Mom!! Billy didn’t awesome my song even though it totally connects!! Waaaaaaaah.” ::: calm down there little fella. Just because your love for Len’s AWESOME track Steal My Sunshine knows no bounds…that doesn’t mean that everyone else is crazy about it. If folks do not like a song here then they are certainly welcome to lame it.

Hey, I’m an idiot! Whassa “cave e at” thingy? Take a look at  CTS For Dummies

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