In Which We Discuss The End Of The World

Bunny Ecstasy: OMG some old couple was left in the bank when it blew up! They’re alive :3

Lisa Potato: on TV
Lisa Potato: just so everyone doesn’t get SCARED
badtzninja: thank goodness!
badtzninja: ha

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Bunny Ecstasy: Bahahaha
Picklesny: this maybe the way i hear about the end of the world
badtzninja: true
Picklesny: there’s worse places to be
badtzninja: awwww
Lisa Potato┬ástarted playing “Burning Down The House” by Talking Heads
badtzninja: woo hoo!
badtzninja: 42
Shazzaamm: sweeeet!
Lisa Potato:
eating_oxiclean: ­čśÇ
Bunny Ecstasy: If I found out about the end of the world right here I’d have panic attacks
Bunny Ecstasy: And then be really sad when all of us die :O
Lisa Potato: eh.. we’ve had a good run
badtzninja: yep
Picklesny: i hope i’m on deck when i die
Bunny Ecstasy: I’d be more sad at the thought of all my TT friends dying D:
Shazzaamm: I’ll be hiding in my fallout shelter with 17 year old cans of refried beans
badtzninja: i have oxygen pack on, so i’m set for an extra few hours
Neziwi [EA]: I’d be sad I never got my streak to 100.
Lisa Potato: *pfft*
Bunny Ecstasy: Hey if you have some 17 year old meat we could get some tacos
Lisa Potato: That was the sound of the beans
Bunny Ecstasy: and tortillas
Shazzaamm: but we need 17 year old shells!
Shazzaamm: lol
Bunny Ecstasy: Hahaha
HolIy Robots: You’re up to DJ, @Picklesny.
Lisa Potato: If there’s a real disaster, we’re screwed. We have no preparations at all.
Shazzaamm: and 17 year old sour cream – I must have sour cream on my tacos
HolIy Robots: Thanks for DJing, Picklesny
Son of Mecha Mummy: q+
HolIy Robots: All right, Son of Mecha Mummy, you’re now in the queue.
Bunny Ecstasy: AHAHA! Good call
badtzninja: yo mech
Lisa Potato: I like avocado and pico de gallo
HolIy Robots: Hi Son of Mecha Mummy, type /help if it’s your first time here!
Shazzaamm: nice, Lisa
Shazzaamm: I like that too, and some chipotle sauce
Lisa Potato: Yeah your bunker sucks. Get all that stuff and then we’ll come over.
Shazzaamm: Going out to Costco right now