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Issues Log: User Issue Defendant/Rebuttal Issue Status
#1 Severen Severen has officially taken issue with the song Two of Hearts by Stacey Q. “I have to take issue with this…who likes this song and why? How old are you?” Let the record reflect that Severen insists that “It’s not a question of taste.” n/a Closed
#2 JDubb JDubb has taken issue with the artist Cut Copy. Everyone knows cut and copy are useless without paste! This is a travesty! Cut Copy Pending review
#4 @youandyourband It has been implied that @youandyourband has taken issue with the fact that 2 productions by The Lonely Island were played within 2 hours of each other. His angst and frustration were on full display for all to see at ~2:13PM (EST) 7/22/2011. Implied, not confirmed
#3 Mixie Styx Mixie Styx has officially taken issue with individuals informing others of their bowel movements and has declared it as TMI. Christie Lou: Well, I officially take offense to those who do not appreciate the beauty of a healthy bowel movement and firmly support solidarity in this daily action Confirmed
#5 Kezza Kezza: I OFFICIALLY want to take issue with the use of “remix”, “live”, or “feat.” to connect songs unless it’s a FEATURED part of the song title or band name Issue confirmed. Added to rules page. Closed
#6 Eric I lost my shoe. I think the superuser took it on their way out. Untied
#7 livwho I’m officially taking issue with the maintenance crew. Thanks for fucking up the queue and causing twenty minutes of anarchy. (: What the eff happened? Closed.
#8 LoneStarBeerDrinker LoneStartBeerDrinker would like to officially take issue with the fact that one is not allowed to imbibe the beer at work. But he is not an irrational man and as such has moved that it be deemed acceptable for an individual to consume 1 (one) beer on Tuesdays as well as Thursdays. We uh..we can’t really do anything about this but offer moral support.
#9 AJStriker Do not go AFK if you are the moderator. It leaves us all powerless to fend off terribles and spammers…(Not gonna name names…) Was this me? I was there most of it, but as soon as I turned away for a couple of mins and there was a momentary issue. Sorry. – Lauren Control Broke my own issue…damn – AJ FAIL
#10 Eric This came up yesterday: Let’s say I play a song with “by you” in the title. Could the next person play the song “Born on the Bayou?” JDubb: Bit of a stretch. I’m gonna go with no. Kinda like when Pete used Imagine to connect to Imogen. would only make things more complicated than they need to be and give people more inane shit to argue over CLOSED LIKE A BOSS
#11 LaurenControl Less of an issue than an alert. Anyone come in at 8 am EST before? It’s chaos! No mods, no list, lots of smack talkin’, Riyanna is playing, and even the rythym of her music can’t keep up with the spam in the chat box. I think we need to start an award system for them (we can call it our breakfast clubber award). I’m sure it’s like this in security too; it’s the night guards that are the real party animals. JDubb: It all depends. It’s hit or miss in the morning. Lots of the time we’re totally empty. I get in to work at 8:30 to bring order to the chaos, though NOBODY CARES!
#12 Eric I think it should be added to the FAQ or rules that if a song gets lamed because no one likes it, if the next person didn’t get a connecting song in time, to just start a new connection. People sometimes start freaking out. Page updated! ALSO CLOSED LIKE A BOSS!
#13 aoirokuma I, JDubb, am taking issue on aoirokuma’s behalf. The issue is having to take half an hour to explain to LoneStar where the new issues log is. He probably can’t even find his keys in his inebriated state! Looked at LoneStar and shook head in disappointed fashion, instilling shame.
#14 aoirokuma I officially take complaint with people asking to be named hero of the day. End of story. M. Night Shyamalan has better stories, IMO.
#15 Thad the Impaler Suggestion: If someone who can edit the queue comes into the room please pass moderator to him/her if he/she asks. If it is going to go to someone who is AFK tell the queue-master that and work with them accordingly. It makes life a hell of a lot easier. Lisa Potato: There is currently no way to “pass mod” to anyone. It goes to the person who has been in the room the longest, or to the creator of the room if he is there. Closed: TT now allows mods to be appointed
#16 LaurenControl Taking issue with the 2-3 letter word exception. Connecting the word “me” when the song is: We Laugh at danger and Break All the Rules – Against Me! is an automatic lame in my book. We are breeding stupidity. Chris Easy: I concur with this situation. Maybe there should be a maximum word count for the 2-3 letter word exception to be valid.
#17 DJ crackerspv wants to know if the four letters can be on different words. person before played “sweet hoME ALabama” and he played a song called “MEAL ticket” Chreasy: I told him I defer to JDubb JDubb has updated the rules page to reflect this. Approved; Closed
#18 Thad the Impaler The “How to Deal with Asshole” section is outdated now that we DO have the option to appoint mods. Perhaps a list of mods should be added to it? Fixed! Closed