Holly Refbot Commands

(updated 5 March 2018)

Here’s a quick and dirty list of the commands we have for Holly Refbot! (Red commands are only available to mods.)

Want to join the waitlist? Please read our rules to find out how.

  1. .add: Add somebody to the waitlist / booth
  2. .autoskip: Enables/disables autoskipping at the end of a song
  3. .bop: Makes Holly shake her booty
  4. .cancelescort: Cancels escort
  5. .coinflip: Flips a coin and tells you the result
  6. .commands: Links to this page
  7. .dubb: Lists J_Dubb’s current streak
  8. .dunce: Lists current dunce
  9. .escortme: Removes you from the waitlist after you’re finished DJing
  10. .event: Lists event info or repeated messages
  11. .facebook: Links to the Facebook group
  12. .gif: Finds random gif related to the term that comes after (Example: .gif pizza)
  13. .help: Prints description of a command (Example: .help highscore)
  14. .highscore: Lists room record steak
  15. .holly: Talk to Holly, our bot
  16. .img: Finds random image related to the term that comes after (Example: .img bunnies)
  17. .incognito: Hides chat by user specified
  18. .ispy: Shows the last connecting letters
  19. .megadunce: Lists person with most dunces
  20. .move: Change somebody’s waitlist position
  21. .mystreak: Lists current personal streak/record
  22. .pull: Pull somebody from the waitlist / booth
  23. .ref: Gets Holly’s attention
  24. .restart: Restarts Holly
  25. .reveal: Stops hiding chat by user specified
  26. .roll: Rolls a die and tells you the result (example: .roll 6 for six-sided die)
  27. .rules: Links to the rules
  28. .seen: Tells the amount of time since Holly last saw somebody (Example: .seen username) (no “@”)
  29. .stats: See some interesting stats on your room history since you joined the room (or since Holly did, if you’re a real OG)
  30. .streak: Lists current room streak
  31. .streaks: Links the streaks page
  32. .time: Checks whether song connecting is enabled
  33. .timein: Enables song connecting
  34. .timeout: Disables song connecting
  35. .title: Lists the artist and song title, plus what Holly sees when looking for connects. Useful for people on the mobile app
  36. .welcome: Sets personal welcome message (.welcome @username message)

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