In Which We Discuss Cow Pussies

Pyrette back!
4:28pm Holly-Refbot I spy a connect: “GREE”, CTS Streak: 40, Koals’s streak: 41
4:29pm chadtz wb luv
4:29pm chadtz did you eat a cow?
4:29pm chadtz or perhaps a pig?
4:29pm chadtz goat, even?
4:30pm Pyrette i ate part of a cow
4:30pm chadtz sweet!
4:30pm Pyrette cheese counts right?
4:30pm chadtz tongue?
4:30pm chadtz liver?
4:30pm chadtz intestine?
4:30pm Pyrette just cheese
4:30pm chadtz pussy
Now Playing: Long Hot Summer (Extended) by The Style Council
Played by: chadtz
4:31pm Koals cow pussy?
4:31pm Pyrette no, didn’t eat that
4:31pm Holly-Refbot @PauI! You’re up next!
4:31pm chadtz yep
4:31pm chadtz that’s the best part
4:31pm Koals gross
4:31pm chadtz for the record
4:31pm Holly-Refbot I spy a connect: “STYLE”, CTS Streak: 41, chadtz’s streak: 66
4:31pm chadtz i have never (knowingly) eaten cow pussy
4:32pm Koals probably in hot dogs
4:32pm chadtz true
4:32pm PauI .song
4:32pm Holly-Refbot Now Playing: The Style Council – Long Hot Summer (Extended)
4:33pm PauI oh shit py is back
4:33pm Pyrette oh hi Paul
4:33pm chadtz not for long
4:33pm PauI
4:33pm chadtz this convo is gonna drive her away
4:33pm Pyrette when has that ever happened Chad?
4:33pm chadtz true
4:34pm chadtz you ain’t no pussy
4:34pm Pyrette if you wanna eat cow pussy, that’s you and the cows business
4:34pm chadtz yep
4:34pm PauI looool
4:36pm chadtz i haven’t had one complain yet
4:36pm PauI about cow pussy?
4:36pm chadtz the cow
4:37pm PauI oh okay
4:37pm chadtz lol
4:37pm Koals I bet cows have crazy orgasms
4:38pm chadtz how would you be able to tell?
Now Playing: Donkey Kong Country 2 by Forest Interlude
Played by: PauI
4:38pm Holly-Refbot @Koals! You’re up next!
4:38pm chadtz one moo sounds like another
4:38pm Holly-Refbot I spy a connect: “COUN”, CTS Streak: 42, PauI’s streak: 42
4:38pm chadtz come to think about it
4:38pm chadtz “moo” also can sound like “nooo”
4:38pm Koals cow rape?
4:38pm chadtz maybe i’ve been violating these poor cows
4:38pm Pyrette awww .. . . both things you’re used to hearing huh?
4:39pm chadtz no?
4:39pm PauI LOL
4:39pm chadtz never
4:39pm Pyrette just moo
4:39pm Pyrette
4:39pm chadtz yep
4:39pm chadtz and moooooooore
4:39pm chadtz lol
4:39pm Pyrette lol
4:40pm chadtz wow this convo went south real fast!
4:40pm chadtz down south
4:40pm PauI so did you apparently
4:40pm chadtz i love animals, what can i say?

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