CTS For Dummies!

Ok, let’s dumb it down for ya:

  • kill>>killed= GOOD
  • like>>liking= BAD
  • Green Day>>”Everything’s Gone Green“= GOOD
  • One Love”>>”One Step Beyond”= BAD
  • One Love”>>”So Lonely”= BAD
  • “I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles)” >>Miles Davis= GOOD


Soooooooo…… What kind of music can I play here?

  • Being the case with the rules you can play/expect to hear various genres. We do not try to stick with the mood as the rules are not on this emphasis. One moment you’ll be listening to NWA, and the next Elton John.
  • We do ask that you stay away from Trance/Dubstep/Techno…basically most tracks that lack lyrics. Yes, we understand that track was off the hook at the EDC and the drop was A-FUCKING-MAZING. But there are approximately 800 other rooms to get your dubstep/house/trance fix. We encourage you to get it in one of those rooms. Thanks for understanding!

The guy before me screwed up/got lamed. OH MY GOD WHAT DO I DO!?!? FFFFFFFF- 

  • Don’t panic! First of all – most DJs will queue up a song to match a song two before theirs, in the event this happens, that way it doesn’t get all outta whack. Lesson learned! But you’re new so that’s no big deal. Just let your song play and connections will continue off of your song (or the last one that connected before yours – the next person has the choice!) Don’t freak out and skip your song to continue the chaos.

What if I don’t want to comply with the rules? 

  • Quite simply you’ll be booted from the room! IM FIRIN’ MY LASERRRRRRR!! BWAAAAAAAAARGH!!!…you get the idea.

I’m AFK a lot, but I want to give the DJs my Awesome love, what can I do!? 

  • So you’re at work. You get distracted, but for the most part DJ’s are playing songs you dig and you’d love to show your appreciation, but you just can’t always awesome the awesome songs because you’re so damn busy! Autobop (Chrome browser only!) is the answer to your needs. Follow the link, follow the instructions. Enjoy!

Is there a DJ Queue here? 

  • When the DJ spots are all taken, and people want up. Yes, there is a queue. 3 songs per DJ. If you’ve played 3 songs and someone wants up on the decks then step down.

Turntable didn’t play the song I had queued! What the eff!? 

  • The best way to make sure the right song gets played is to use the top button. If you just added the song to your queue, send a different song to the top, then the new one to the top once again. It’s also possible the song you had queue’d broke DMCA regulations (I.E. 2 other songs by the same artist were just played, and the artist can’t be played again for an hour or whatever).
  • If this happens please don’t skip your song UNTIL the next DJ in line has had a chance to find a song to match either your song or the song before yours. Yes. They get carte blanche because you (or turntable) screwed up.

How do I get one the queue?

  • If there’s an open DJ spot, ask if it’s open first! If so, rock on dood!
  • If there’s a wait, type ‘w+’ to add your name to the queue. 
  • If you leave before you get to play please remove yourself by typing ‘w-‘
  • Here is the full Connect-o-Bot command list

General Etiquette Guidelines

Etiquette here is pretty straight forward. Don’t be an asshole. We will not tolerate racial slurs, using words like “gay” or “fag” as a punchline will also not be tolerated. Essentially don’t be a douchebag and you should be fine.