The REFEREE Commands

Fist of all, thank you WildThingRickVaughn for the awesome REFEREE bot! As of now, there are not that many commands for the REF. Here are the ones that are functional now


/currentstreak – does what it says. Duh.

/highscore – lists the highest connect streak

/votekick @username (must use the @ symbol) – Enables votekick mode for 30 seconds. Everyone in the room has 30 seconds to type one of the following phrases to register a vote to boot: “boot“, “bootem“, “boot her“, “boot him“, “das boot” “dasboot“, “kick“. Users can only vote once per 30 second period. Once 5 votes are registered, the user in question is booted from the room.

/dunce – lists who broke the last streak

/coinflip – for the indecisive

/connect – gives the connection between the songs




/setstreak [number] – resets the song connect streak

/timeout; /timein – disables/enables REF’s streak tracking function


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