The Great Moderator Meltdown of 2012

Buy Xanax Agora Greetings folks! I’m sincerely sorry I’ve been so short with the whole mod thing, and just in general lately! I’m in meetings all week and I’ve got a client going live next week which I’m not going to be here for, so I’m bringing a colleague up to speed on the client and blah blah blah blah etc….and the fiance and I leave on the cruise Friday to get married. So…without further adieu, an explanation.

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Buy Liquid Alprazolam As anyone on this page is aware we’ve had some issues with mods – probably due in a large part to myself. There are times when I’d log on late and find the room modless, so I’d see someone in there that I’d seen regularly for a little while and give them mod. Then, being that I gave them no instruction otherwise, they might do the same thing and give someone else mod, and then it’s just the snowball effect from there and we end up with undesirables as moderators. That is why we nuked the current mod roster. There were just too many cooks in the kitchen. It’s worth noting that a LOT of them are great frickin’ cooks, too! I’ve had badtzninja’s lobster ravioli – ITS AMAZING! Our ultimate goal has been, and remains to be, to get a bot that allows room users the ability to moderate via vote functionality similar to the script that J-Step was running locally. We abandoned that due to the stability issues we faced regarding up-time (I think Chrome will only retain a connection for 12 hours – plus that shit required J-Step to leave his machine running 24/7 for the sake of the bot. Very selfless of him to give us the option to begin with!). So now we have Dalton’s bot, which lacks the votekick funtionality, but we are still working toward getting this back. The only true reason we need mods is to get rid off the random jackasses the come into the room and ruin things for everyone, or the folks that get pulled away and distracted and go AFK. With an option to use votekick this allows room users to moderate without being mods. But…we do not currently have that functionality. In an effort to simplify things and minimize the number of mods we have we’re going to initially give mod privileges to a select few people that we believe should┬ábe able to provide, collectively, mod coverage for the room on a 24/7 basis. IF you’re in the room and there’s consistently no moderators present between some specific hours please let us know and we’ll find a solution together. Not everyone that was previously a mod in the room will be made a moderator again. Please know that this is not a decision that was made for personal reasons! 95% of our mods do a great job of moderating the room, and we all greatly appreciate the effort you all put forth. Some of you will be made mods again, possibly not right away, but in time as we identify gaps.

Buy Diazepam Online Uk In closing one thing that I think we can all agree is critical, until puts something in place to allow us to moderate the moderators of our room – Buy D10 Valium Online If you are a mod we ask that you, under no circumstances, give anyone else mod privileges without first speaking to the rest of the modstaff. This should help us prevent running into similar issues in the future.

Order Gg249 Xanax Online Thank you all very much for your time to allow me to address this, and your continued support and participation in the room we have all helped build and grow.

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Yours, J_Dubb

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