Rules [Archived]

Congratulations! You’ve found the BEST room on! How does one play you ask? Simple! Connect any FOUR consecutive letters. Click Here for an example of several connects.

Read on for more:

  1. A ‘Connect’ consists of at least 4 letters from the Artist or Title. (Sting>>The Hurting). The 4 letters must, obviously, be consecutive.
  2. To that end ^^^ We do ask that what you play is MUSIC. Playing spoken word tracks, such as Stand up Comedy is frowned upon, and if room staff  is present, this will likely result in asking you to skip while making this face.
  3. The 4 letters used do NOT have to be an actual word.
  4. A Connect can be 4 letters between two words. (At Last>>Atlas).
  5. If you dunce, please ask and wait until the next DJ has indicated they are ready with a new connect. At that time, you must skip your song (regardless of how much everyone in the room likes it). If you just jump down and cause more chaos this may result in a 1-day suspension from DJing in the room – this is at the discretion of mods.”
  6. We keep the waitlist locked to help maintain our streaks when the room is slow. If you’ve read this page and would like to play, type .eleven to bypass this. (please don’t share this with other newcomers to ensure they read the rules here!)
  7. Still confused? Here’s some additional help!
  8. Sometimes we may not have a particular topic covered in the rules here. In the event this occurs please abide by any information provided by our moderators and refrain from being pedantic.
  9. While not a “rule” per se – it’s generally frowned upon to use words such as remix, featured, feat. and the like in parentheses. You may be called a doodoo head if you connect using these words.

Some other things to consider:

  1. Play whatever you like! Just keep in mind we like the music to be varied in our room. Don’t be surprised if you get ‘mehed’ for being repetitive.
  2. Please pay attention to your spot on the waitlist. Don’t be surprised if someone pings you if you’ve gone silent for a while. Going afk is bad, mmmmmkay?
  3. Songs over 7:00 should be cleared with the DJs in the room. Expect to be asked to skip the end of your 14:00 Freebird bootleg.
  4. Questions? Ask. We have many regular users who will gladly explain the nuances of our game.
  5. Derogatory comments, racial slurs, general trolling will be dealt with swiftly and harshly. This is a place to have fun, remember?
  6. Friend your DJs!
  7. Don’t for get to star our community so you can come back!
  8. Note that we do not reset streaks under any circumstances. Just be aware that, for any number of reasons, you may lose your streak. While we agree that it sucks, it’s not the end of the world. Remember, Holly keeps track of your best score, so you can still totally brag about it. Keep calm and carry on connecting!
  9. An unspoken rule and general room courtesy is to warn the next DJ if you are going to play a song shorter than 2 minutes and 30 seconds (2:30). This is not a rule, just a suggestion to help your fellow DJs!
  10. Please do not continuously meh a song, or songs. Too many mehs will cause a song to be skipped, and can cause a dunce.
  11. Staff will generally make a user a Resident DJ fairly quickly (after a few correct connects). This is so that they can easily see who knows how to play the game 😉