New Rules (Crossposted from Facebook) Oh the times, they’re a’changin’!

source As some of you are probably aware, for a while now we’ve been talking about simplifying the rules. But…that’s all we have done for a good long while – talk about it.


click here Until now!…

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Buy Diazepam Online Review A decision has been made after a land-slide victory in a moderator pole on what we, the mods, felt would be best. The two biggest contributing factors to this decision were 1) Making the room easier to understand, and 2) Reducing the level of effort REF requires for upkeep.

watch Without further adieu – The new rule. Yeah, rule. Singular. 4 consecutive letters or more in the song title or artist name.

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go to link That’s it. No more caveats. No two-letter and three-letter words. 4 or more. No more numbers to #’s. Now…I know some of you aren’t going to be crazy about this. Heck, not many people are fans of change. And any of you that have been around long enough know that we’re all about keeping these sorts of decisions democratic…but in this situation I strongly feel that this is the change we need to make which is why we didn’t post a poll here in this group.

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go site I think for some time now a good number of us have just been using the “four letters or more” to help simplify things for noobies anyway. In the words of the great American hero, Billy Mays, “BUT WAIT! THERE’S MORE!”

follow This one is sure to out outrage a number of you…but…we aren’t going to be doing any streak resets moving forward after this rule is in place. I know…TT is buggy and shit happens but that’s the nature of the beast. Any one person has the same chance as another for TT to screw up. And the days of “Well, you reset xxxxx’s streak why won’t you reset mine!” will be behind us. Streaks have always been just an extra fun little thing, and they always will be. Hopefully you come to CTS to hang with cool people (or just to annoy Chad, like me) and expand upon your musical horizons. If you’re only there to increase a number that means absolutely nothing, then you’re doing life wrong.

Buy Real Valium Online Uk Now, all of that being said. “WAIT WHEN ARE THE RULES CHANGING EXACTLY?! NOW!?”

watch Not immediately. When Ian gets a chance he’s going to add some code to REF to advise people that if they connect with the 2 and 3 letter words that in the coming days this will no longer be acceptable. That’s it folks. Please keep any questions, concerns, or pure unadulterated outrage confined to this thread. Thanks gang.

go to link <3, CTS Modstaff

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