In Which We Discuss Cannibalism  

CookieCrumb: why is david bowie afraid of americans?
BeatTourist: all brits are afraid of americans
badtzninja: yep
BeatTourist: in fact the rest of the world
CookieCrumb: really why
BeatTourist: because we kick ass, woo hoo
badtzninja: we are carazay!
Needacrane started playing “Who’s Afraid Of The Big Bad Wolf” by Pinto Colvig, Mary Moder, Dorothy Compton, Billy Bletcher
CookieCrumb: is it because we are egolistic and we want more and more
BeatTourist: and we kick ass
badtzninja: i think they’re mostly afraid we’ll sit on them with our fat american asses
CookieCrumb: lol
badtzninja: or eat them
BeatTourist: yeah, we’ll eat anything
BeatTourist: as long as it comes in big portions
badtzninja: mmmmmm, haitians…..
Needacrane: a great song for my 1000 points!
Needacrane: huzzah!
CookieCrumb: i want adele medium rare with a salad and french fries
badtzninja: congrats
BeatTourist: unfortunately, no wolf avataar
BeatTourist: now that is a big meal cookie
Needacrane: lol.would be nice., thanks!
badtzninja: hmmmm, what would be the tastiest nationality?
badtzninja: mexicans?
Needacrane: italian
BeatTourist started playing “Girl Afraid (2011 Remastered Version)” by The Smiths
CookieCrumb: then I want a russell Brand Crazy meal, bangers and mash on the side
BeatTourist: Corn fed samoans
badtzninja: samoan fed samoans
badtzninja: i meant the samoa cookies, that is
J-Step: I was AFK for 5 minutes, I come back and the room has degraded to cannibalism.
CookieCrumb: lol
badtzninja: yes
badtzninja: what’s your nationality, my precious J?
Rodin started playing “Weekend” by Smith Westerns
BeatTourist: chianti and fava beens
J-Step: I’m a nice fat czheckoslavakian
CookieCrumb: really, your not asian
badtzninja: that could be tasty
BeatTourist: next up
badtzninja: they have good pilsner
Holly Robots: badtzninja, we have a spot reserved for you, please step up! You have 90 seconds left.
Holly Robots: badtzninja stepped up to DJ!
badtzninja: beer fed J burgers
CookieCrumb: lol
CookieCrumb: i am a cookie fed texan
BeatTourist: double patty, j_dubb and j-step
J_Dubb: do wha nah?
badtzninja: read the chat log dubb
J-Step: they want to eat us!
CookieCrumb: looks like beattourist is already chowing down on J-burgers
badtzninja: lol!!!
BeatTourist: dreaming about it.
BeatTourist: and almost lunch time at that
badtzninja: BRAINS…….
Jammin Josie: so glad i’m a recovering vegetaterian
badtzninja: this conversation is definitely going on the blog!