If You’ve Played One Elder Scrolls…

DJ JDubb: If you’ve played one elder scrolls you’ve played ’em all
Funkopedia: I wouldn’t know, I’ve only played one…
DJ JDubb: then you have played them all ^_^
Funkopedia: 😀
Popsicle Pete: if you’ve played one Dead Rising, then you’ve played in a mall
DJ JDubb: If you’ve played one call of duty you’ve risen to the call.
DJ Eric: if you’ve played a sport you’ve played with a ball
DJ JDubb: If you’re a girl you probably played with a doll.
DJ Eric: if you’re a doctor then you’re most likely on call
DJ JDubb: I’m 6’4″, so you might consider me to be tall.
DJ Eric: if the leaves are falling it is the fall
DJ JDubb: I’ve gotta go to the bathroom to pee, but I’m shy so I’ll use a stall.
DJ Eric: i’m only 5’8″ so you might consider me small
Funkopedia: I’m from the south, so I say y’all

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