Holly bugs & feature requests

Known bugs

Updated 15 November 2020

  • Holly often counts a song twice and accuses the DJ of a “party foul” (Plug seems to have fixed this)
  • Holly does not count doubles/triples during a word streak
  • Very rarely Holly says she will escort the DJ after .escortme and then fails to escort the DJ. Use caution.
  • Occasionally Holly does not announce a successful connect (though she still records it)
  • Holly romanizes Japanese kanji characters as Chinese. Use caution when connecting to any non-Roman letters. You can use .title to check what Holly sees.
  • 18 June 2019: If a DJ uses .escortme but then leaves before they are escorted, Holly (rarely) escorts them the next time they DJ. (Presumably their escort status is still set to “true.”)
  • 8 November 2020: .title command is not working.
  • 15 November 2020: .stats command is not working.

Not bugs

  • Holly says an image is too large and refuses to post it in the chat – this is a “feature” of Plug

Feature requests

  • Authorize mods to disable escort from Holly’s config console (when it’s glitching)
  • Enable Holly to recognize
  • Separate “.mystats” and “.roomstats” commands (see this comment for details)
  • .votekick command – if no mods are in the room, a majority of RDJs can vote to temp-ban someone who is RDJ or rankless. There should be a minimum number of votes needed (maybe 2-3).
    • Basically, someone types <.votekick @djname>, and Holly says something like, <Type .kick to remove @djname. ## more votes are needed.>

The return to plug.dj!

Whether you’ve been part of the CTS crew for a long time, or if you’re new here, we’d like to announce our return to plug.dj.

There were a couple of legitimate choices we had for our home, and we ended up going with Plug.DJ for a few different reasons. Musiqpad is an incredible platform and has so much going for it, except the community. CTS only works if there’s a community large enough to keep things interesting, and not many people fancied the migration to musiqpad after plug closed its doors.

Now that plug.dj has come back, we’ve opted to call it home once again – due in a large part to the relative ease (so FoodBandlt says) of getting the bot back up and running there.

So, all of that being said, if you’d like to swing by and spin some tunes with some old familiar faces then head on over. https://plug.dj/connect-the-songs-read-info


Connect The Songs: Gold – Monthly Subscription Service

Greetings everyone! It’s been a while since I, or anyone else really, have addressed the community as a whole. You know we’re all about transparency with decisions that we make….but honestly not a lot of noteworthy decisions have been made in a while…until now!

Things have been humming along nicely. Holly Refbots is more stable (and robust!) than she’s ever been before. Please remember that we do have a Suggestions document that’s available for anyone and everyone to submit their suggestions (this is linked to on Plug in the room info!). New connect message? Yes! New dunce message? Absolutely! Just fill out the brief form and we’ll review ’em. Have an idea but think it might be dumb? That’s okay! You should see some of the incredibly ridiculous shit that Chad and Slopes have suggested. Note that all of my personal suggestions have been faultless and amazing.

Without further adieu – allow me to get to the noteworthiness of this post! As you’re all probably aware we do have some rolling expenses to keep CTS afloat. Nothing incredibly expensive, mind you…but things like hosting the connectthesongs.com domain, keeping FoodBandit fed and hydrated while he is locked up in Z’s basement working on the bot…things like that. We did some brainstorming on how we could possibly recoup expenses. We were thinking about adding ads to the connectthesongs.com site, but there’s a couple of problems with that. 1) We all hate ads. 2) Since we all hate ads we’re probably all using adblock anyway.

Then we had a pure stroke of genius. What if we offered a subscription service to CTS that came with some cool perks? We’re still tossing around ideas but as always we value input from the regulars of the community that make it what it is.

For pricing we’re thinking of going with $5/month or if you pay up front for 6 months it’ll be $50. Possible perks that we’re thinking of implementing:

– Dunce forgiveness. Your first dunce in a month with an active subscription is forgiven (the room streak will break, but your personal streak will remain intact and either Chad, Slopes, or myself will be listed as the dunce).

– Streak Resets. One per month. Note – this still has to be validated that it wasn’t your fault. As most of you are aware the current policy on streak resets is – never ever for any reason do we reset streaks.

– Featured in CTS custom background. This can be a selfie or whatever you want, as long as it’s not NSFW.

– Bouncer privileges for 1 week. That’s right! For one week out of a month you can be a bouncer.

– Custom connect message! You tell us the message you want to add and we’ll add it, no questions asked. Want to berate Chad? No problem! Tell the world how amazing you are? Tell us!

– Custom Holly command – tell us what you want. We will review/approve these requests to make sure they’re not offensive or anything.

– Unlimited use of .gif and .img commands. No more 30 second cool down time for subscribers! Spam those images to your hearts content!

– Three letter connects are back! During a month with an active subscription you can connect three letters instead of the traditional four!

– Baked goods from Lisa Potato and/or Pyrette! Who doesn’t love cookies and other delicious baked goods! *Note that we still need to get buy-in from Py and Lisa on this.

We’re still brainstorming more perks but wanted to get this out in front of the community for feedback and other ideas!

If you’re interested in signing up then please fill out and submit this form.