In Which We Discuss The End Of The World

Bunny Ecstasy: OMG some old couple was left in the bank when it blew up! They’re alive :3
Lisa Potato: on TV
Lisa Potato: just so everyone doesn’t get SCARED
badtzninja: thank goodness!
badtzninja: ha Continue reading

Douchebag of the Day

Buy Xanax 3Mg Break a great connect streak? Drop a 45 second song on your neighbor and not warn them? Just being an ass? Well don’t be surprised to find your name on here!

  1. Buy Indian Alprazolam PintoBeansBrett (see below comments)
  2. knivves for intentionally breaking a streak of 131. Why man, why?
  3. Ranking T (4/12/12) Broke up the legendary run of 502!
  4. Buy Pfizer Alprazolam Turd…orAstroTurd (4/13/12) for breaking a streak of 316. Don’t be such a turd!
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In Which We Discuss Cannibalism
CookieCrumb: why is david bowie afraid of americans?
BeatTourist: all brits are afraid of americans
badtzninja: yep
BeatTourist: in fact the rest of the world
CookieCrumb: really why
BeatTourist: because we kick ass, woo hoo
badtzninja: we are carazay!
Needacrane started playing “Who’s Afraid Of The Big Bad Wolf” by Pinto Colvig, Mary Moder, Dorothy Compton, Billy Bletcher
CookieCrumb: is it because we are egolistic and we want more and more
BeatTourist: and we kick ass
badtzninja: i think they’re mostly afraid we’ll sit on them with our fat american asses
CookieCrumb: lol
badtzninja: or eat them
BeatTourist: yeah, we’ll eat anything
BeatTourist: as long as it comes in big portions
badtzninja: mmmmmm, haitians…..
Needacrane: a great song for my 1000 points!
Needacrane: huzzah!
CookieCrumb: i want adele medium rare with a salad and french fries
badtzninja: congrats
BeatTourist: unfortunately, no wolf avataar
BeatTourist: now that is a big meal cookie
Needacrane: lol.would be nice., thanks!
badtzninja: hmmmm, what would be the tastiest nationality?
badtzninja: mexicans?
Needacrane: italian
BeatTourist started playing “Girl Afraid (2011 Remastered Version)” by The Smiths
CookieCrumb: then I want a russell Brand Crazy meal, bangers and mash on the side
BeatTourist: Corn fed samoans
badtzninja: samoan fed samoans
badtzninja: i meant the samoa cookies, that is
J-Step: I was AFK for 5 minutes, I come back and the room has degraded to cannibalism.
CookieCrumb: lol
badtzninja: yes
badtzninja: what’s your nationality, my precious J?
Rodin started playing “Weekend” by Smith Westerns
BeatTourist: chianti and fava beens
J-Step: I’m a nice fat czheckoslavakian
CookieCrumb: really, your not asian
badtzninja: that could be tasty
BeatTourist: next up
badtzninja: they have good pilsner
Holly Robots: badtzninja, we have a spot reserved for you, please step up! You have 90 seconds left.
Holly Robots: badtzninja stepped up to DJ!
badtzninja: beer fed J burgers
CookieCrumb: lol
CookieCrumb: i am a cookie fed texan
BeatTourist: double patty, j_dubb and j-step
J_Dubb: do wha nah?
badtzninja: read the chat log dubb
J-Step: they want to eat us!
CookieCrumb: looks like beattourist is already chowing down on J-burgers
badtzninja: lol!!!
BeatTourist: dreaming about it.
BeatTourist: and almost lunch time at that
badtzninja: BRAINS…….
Jammin Josie: so glad i’m a recovering vegetaterian
badtzninja: this conversation is definitely going on the blog!

Timothy :-) R.I.P.

badtzninja: mornin all!
Tom Robinson2: hey
badtzninja: hi josie
Jammin Josie: hey ya ninja!
badtzninja: 5k, congrats!
Jammin Josie: holly’s being a bitch
badtzninja: oh yeah?
Jammin Josie: thank you – 1/2 way to being a space cadet
badtzninja: i’m sure you’ve seen it’s not the accomplishment it used to be. damn space persons are all over the place nowadays!
badtzninja: hey eug, dubb, tom
Huge Eug: howdy
Needacrane: hi
Jammin Josie: right – hopefully we’ll get chocolate bunnies and chicks for easter
Tom Robinson2: sup
J_Dubb: hey there chad
badtzninja: shhhh!
badtzninja: don’t give my real name!
badtzninja: it takes away from my chi!
Tom Robinson2: lol
badtzninja: can i make a brief eulogy for Timothy:-)?
Rodin started playing “I Can Change” by LCD Soundsystem
J_Dubb: lol
badtzninja: TT did a shakedown this am and cleared out all the AKFs. RIP Timothy:-)
J_Dubb: haha, what?
Tom Robinson2: ah damn! timothy was here for what, almost three weeks!
BeatTourist: I hate ghosts
badtzninja: i think he holds the record for lurking
badtzninja: TT cleared their servers out this morning from 7-7:30
Tom Robinson2: i wanted to boot him so bad, but then i decided to see how long he’d stay. lol
Needacrane: it feels like days since I’ve played a song. LOL!!
badtzninja: Dear friends, we are gathered here to pay our last respects to Timothy:-) He was good man, a loyal CTS lurker. He was a rock. Whenever I was sad or blue, I just looked at him over there in the corner and drew comfort from his strength. He will be missed. ROCK ON TIMOTHY:-)  !!!!
BeatTourist: it’s like when bob dies in fight club
Jammin Josie started playing “Don’t Change” by INXS
badtzninja: or like when we all found out Sasquatch on the Six Million Dollar Man was a robot
Tom Robinson2: ah yeah, great episode
Jammin Josie: LOL
badtzninja: a lifechanging event, that was
Needacrane started playing “People Change” by Lowe, Nick
Needacrane: COME ON 1000!!!!