Ask Not What Can Do For You!

As a preface to this post – no, I do not work for! Do you enjoy the time you spend on I do! Regardless of whether I’m in our room, or some of the other rooms I visit – I find it to be an all around enjoyable experience. I enjoy the social aspect of it – meeting new people is always cool. I enjoy the musical discovery aspect of it. Our room is especially good for this! I’ve discovered lots of new music thanks to the varying degree of tunes DJs play in our room.

Turntable has millions of dollars in investments backing it, but regardless, no service ┬áis successful without a solid active user-base! That’s where we come in! Since’s inception several new services have come out that have surely taken away from’s user-base. Namely Spotify. I think Facebook also came out with something (that no one in the world is using, to my knowledge!).

I don’t have specific statistics for, but it does seem to me that the user-base has been dwindling. I don’t really see the numbers in the popular rooms that I used to. It could be argued that more smaller rooms have been created and as such the users have distributed across a more broad spectrum. It’s possible the numbers have been increasing, but I’m not sure. Nevertheless, the point of this post remains – If you like the service that is providing, then do your part to spread the word, and help it grow! Post on your social networking website of choice (Facebook, myspace, friendster (hah, kidding, who the hell uses friendster?, or perhaps a forum you frequent!)) – make sure your friends are aware of! Tell them why it’s cool!

If you’ve been on the internet a while then you’ve possibly been a part of some type of social network that didn’t make it, and ended up becoming abandonware. If you play games then possibly an MMO that just didn’t make the cut. That’s not cool when you lose touch with a lot of people you got to know!

Do your part and help support!