Connect Rates

In the Short-Term

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Over the last month period (the previous ≈4.35 weeks, or 30.44 days) our rate was 1349.7 connects per week, or 8.03 connects per hour.

This rate is very consistent with the current overall rate—both project the 200k mark being reached sometime on Friday, January 11th, 2019.



Legacy Data


After getting to access Holly’s data (courtesy of our illustrious Foodbandlt), graphs and analysis of connects of the ‘historical archive’ became possible.


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The large gap in the graph is from the period of time when was down.

When adjusting the data set to exclude the pre-hiatus tail, we get a cleaner graph, consisting of the ~100 weeks since Plug made it’s return

Using a straight line-of-best-fit, the weekly connect rate since then has been 1,350.4 connects/week—which translates to a rate of 8.04 connects/hour.

Using this graph/rate, we’re projected to hit 200,000 connects in 1,176 hours from ‘now,’ on Friday, January 11th, 2019.