Holly bugs & feature requests

Known bugs

24 November 2018

  • Holly often counts a song twice and accuses the DJ of a “party foul”
  • Holly does not count doubles/triples during a word streak
  • Occasionally Holly says she will escort the DJ after .escortme and then fails to escort the DJ
  • Occasionally Holly does not announce a successful connect (though she still records it)
  • Holly romanizes Japanese kanji characters as Chinese (connect with extreme caution)
  • 18 June 2019: If a DJ uses .escortme but then leaves before they are escorted, Holly may escort them the next time they DJ. (Presumably their escort status is still set to “true.”)

Not bugs

  • Holly says an image is too large and refuses to post it in the chat – this is a “feature” of Plug

Feature requests

  • Authorize mods to disable escort from Holly’s config console
  • Recognize 4x connects
  • Separate “.mystats” and “.roomstats” commands
  • .votekick command (where users can collectively vote to temp-ban someone – ask space about this for details)